Take Your Sweetie to Thomas Sweet

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Plan your date night at Thomas Sweet. The local ice cream shop is the perfect place to stop in for dessert since it’s open until 11 p.m. or midnight every night. So after you enjoy a meal at one of D.C.’s most romantic eateries, head here to grab dessert.

No matter how cold it is outside, you’ll enjoy the lineup of traditional ice creams on the menu at Thomas Sweet. From the classic vanilla and chocolate to the ever-popular Butter Brickle, each frosty treat impresses customers time and time again. If you’d rather surprise your date with a special dessert at home, swing by Thomas Sweet in advance to grab a box of chocolates. Order a standard assortment or specify milk or dark chocolate to perfectly accommodate your significant other’s specific sweet tooth. The medley of sweets will include everything from dark chocolate-covered nuts and dried fruits to chocolates filled with creamy ganaches (and maybe even booze, if that’s something your special someone is into).

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