Grab a Bouquet at Twin Towers Florist

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If you agonize over what to get your special someone, let Twin Towers Florist simplify things. The local flower shop’s artists craft arrangements that are bound to impress your significant other, regardless of their distinct sense of style.

For instance, if you prefer more traditional decor, the signature long-stemmed red roses bouquet will suit your sensibilities. It’s a little bit over the top with its collection of 24 beautiful scarlet blooms, but still somehow understated thanks to the muted greenery and small white flowers in between the bolder blooms. On the other end of the spectrum, Twin Towers Florist creates totally contemporary combinations of blossoms like the Painterly Pink Bouquet. While it still incorporates a few roses, it mostly highlights peach and pink blossoms that range from lilies to daisies. It’s the perfect understated piece for your paramour’s home office. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, check out the entire online inventory at Twin Towers Florist to find the perfect gift for your other half.

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